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3 year personal horoscope for 2012-2013-2014

25-40 pages - Only US$18
No further costs.
The standard price is more than US$65
FREE: Horoscope drawing in colors are enclosed each horoscope.
The horoscope is sent free of charge to you per email

A personal present for you, the birthday present, the confirmand or just to you loved one. The horoscope here is interpretted completely especially to you. You get consequently a completely individually prepared horoscope. No one else will exactly fit the same combinations of cosmic influences, unless they were born in the same second and exactly the same place as you. The horoscope is interpretted and prepared in relation to the 10 planets, 12 signs, and 12 houses in Placidus’ system or in equal houses if your time of birth are unknown or you are born north of 60 degrees north. This is the reason why there are about 1500  interpretation combinations, and when one includes the degrees in the signs and the different planet combinations, there are ten thousands of influences that are to be weighed and be estimated in the astrological interpretation process. The preparation of your horoscope would therefore be a very complex and long process unless it was for the well-known astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan. I have made the astrology accessible to you in cooperation with him so that you quickly and easy can recieve your horoscope. You can order your personal horoscope right here! The horoscope is divided into sections. First section of about 10-12 pages in a simple language tells about you. Which talents, qualities and skills you just got in the luggage when you were born here on the earth. Among other things identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality. Next section is considerably more extensive and deals with your dynamic horoscope. This part is also told in a simple language and contains the interpretations of important events in your life. Both earlier, now and in the future. Among other things which talents you have and how you can improve yourself in these areas.


HoroskopThe horoscope explains in detail and thoroughly about you and:
Your life path
your identity
your emotions
your mentality
your assets
your instincts
your wisdom
your challenges
your originality
your love and sexuality
your past, present time and future
how you best exploit your talents in your life and your career. In addition are enclosed completely free of charge a Horoskopdrawing in colors as well as explanation to planet symbols and their senses.

When you order the horoscope you have to supply your Name, date of birth and year, Birthplace and if you know it also the exact time when you were born.
As soon as I have received your payment and your birth-dates the preparation of your horoscope begins. This process takes 2-4 days after which the horoscope is delivered per email in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can read it on your computersreen or print it out on your printer. There will be 25-40 pages about you. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be able to open PDF file in your computer. I’ll give you a link to Adobe's homepage where you can fetch the newest version of Adobe Reader. There are no further costs for you! - The delivery per email is free.

Order your personal horoscope and pay US$18  

Horoscope. Birthhoroscope and dynamic analysis for 3 years.
Name and Emailadress
Date, year and time of birth. (MM/DD/YYYY)
Birthplace (City, state and country)



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